SYMPL Control Demo Case

Thank you for purchasing a controls case from Traxon-e:cue. This device is meant solely to demonstrate the controls capabilities of our systems. This case is NOT intended to be installed in any permanent manner as a lighting controller.


Helpful Hints for a Long Product Life:

  • Transport the case in a box with padding. While the Pelican case which houses the system is quite strong and the components are securely in place, the individual components are not intended for excess shock and vibration.
  • Keep the case dust and liquid free. The Pelican case has been drilled in several locations and therefore is no longer watertight. The case must be kept dry.
  • Return all power and data wires to the zipper pouch when packing the unit up and take care when closing the lid to ensure nothing damages the touch screen or components mounted inside.

If any issues should arise with this tool, please contact our team so we can help you.

Do not attempt to open and service without direct instructions from Traxon-e:cue Personnel.


Traxon e:cue North America Contact Information
Tech Support Line: (978) 267-5346