Traxon e:cue Forms

Here you will find forms related to projects, new customers, RMA’s, and specs for Traxon e:cue North America.

Commissioning Request Form

Terms and Conditions:

On-site project start-up services are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Three weeks’ notice is required for on-site services. For requests made with less than three weeks’ notice, additional fees may apply. Upon submission of the form, you will be contacted by our team of project managers with additional information regarding the scheduling of your project.

Completion and submission of the request form certifies that all Traxon Technologies & e:cue Lighting Controls products (and third-party products, if applicable) required for the project are, or will be, fully installed and ready for the Traxon e:cue technician prior to their arrival on-site. Unless specifically quoted, all project start-up and commissioning services are to be completed in a continuous visit. Any required return visits due to circumstances outside of the control of Traxon Technologies & e:cue Lighting Controls may be subject to additional charges.

Upon arrival at the project site, the technician requires access to all lighting and control components for verification of wiring, terminations, and connections. All installation of components, electrical and data wiring is to be completed prior to arrival as per National Electrical Code and local building codes by a certified electrical contractor. Traxon e:cue is not responsible for any damage of components due to improper handling, wiring or installation.

Specific requests for controls programming content and scheduling (colors, effects, scheduling and triggering, etc.) must be made in advance of the on-site project services. Any required user-supplied media files are to be properly formatted and provided in advance of on-site services.

Upon the completion of system start-up and commissioning services, a training session can be held for end-users. A sign-off form must be completed following the training session. This training session is intended to cover the basics of system maintenance and operations. Extended training classes are available for system programming and commissioning. Contact your local Traxon e:cue representative for additional details.

Commissioning Request Form

Submittal Request Form

Agents: Traxon e:cue is happy to provide a submittal package for your project, complete with specific schematic drawings, as well as a cutsheet package for the included fixtures, controls, and components. Please review and fill out the Submittal Request Form below to submit your request.

Please Note:

  • All Submittals are subject to a 2 week minimum lead time.
  • If you are not a Traxon Sales Agent, please contact your local Business Development Manager for information about the requirements for project specific submittals. BDMs can be found here.

Submittal Request Form

Below you will find forms to help with Traxon e:cue new customer requests.

New Customer Form

New Customer Credit Request Form

This form is to be used for Traxon e:cue North America Customers. If you did not purchase your project materials directly from Traxon e:cue, please contact the original distributor/dealer and/or your Traxon e:cue local Sales Agent for additional support.

For troubleshooting assistance, please contact Traxon e:cue Technical Support: (978) 570-3189 (Business Hours).

See our Warranty Terms and Conditions for additional information.

Quality Claim Form

For use by Traxon e:cue US Sales Agents.

Specification Registration Form