e:cue General Lighting Control

Perfect lighting in any situation

We provide intelligent light management solutions


We are the master in flexibility when it comes to interfacing with 3rd Party System or quick and unplanned changes.​ Automation via SYMPHOLIGHT offers endless possibilities. One system fits all​ – no difference which type of lighting system needs to be controlled.


We provide lighting control solutions for anything from a simple indoor office installation to the light management of an entire city.​ Trough our modular device approach over ethernet it is always “Easy to adapt at any time”​.



Endless remote-control possibilities with a maximum of design freedom. ​Fader, buttons, text and any other control features can be customized and orchestrated in no time at all. ​The integrated scripting function allows the implementation of the most crazy ideas!

What makes us different


Until today, we have successfully completed more than 7000 projects globally.

Global Presence

We ensure together with our partners the best possible support everywhere and at any time.


For more than 20 years we offer as a part of OSRAM reliable solutions in software and hardware.

Training Academy

We offer customized training. Participants receive support and become part of the network.


Our tools


Motion, brightness, humidity, temperature and other environmental factors


Increase productivity and well-beeing. Improve focus and concentration

Swarm Control

Always the best lighting conditions around you

Integrate Colors

Via Dali (DT-8) or any other dynamic lighting fixture controlled out of one single system



We offer several ways to interact with third-party devices, protocols, or building management systems

Schedule Light

Your desired lighting at the right time

Save Energy

Smart time scheduling, daylight harvesting and occupancy control

Always in Control

Real-time control of all parameters changeable at any time. Users can create personalized control interfaces via app or web browser based on their needs


Smart solutions


Human Centric Lighting
Boost productivity
Increase well-being
Help to concentrate and focus

Presence detection > save energy
Daylight automation > save energy

Operation Modes
Time scheduled light
Manual switching via DALI Coupler
User terminals
Tablet and mobile phone APP control
Centralized control frontend
Interface with building automation systems


Human Centric Lighting
Increase well-being
Help to concentrate and Focus

Presence detection > save energy
Daylight automation > increase well being and safve energy

Operation Modes
Time scheduled light
Manual switching via DALI coupler
User terminals
Tablet and mobile phone APP control
Centralized control frontend (dashboard)
Interface with BMS

Hospitality & Museum

Benefits for Hospitality
Tunable white > the best mood/design
Increase well-being
Combine dynamic DMX and DALI in a single control system
Use the best out of each system

Benefits in Museums
Use DALI sensors for interactivity
Monitor how long a painting are illuminated in Museums – protection on precious exhibits.
Control commercial light and environment lighting out of one system.

Operation Modes
Schedul light
Manual switching via DALI coupler
User terminals
APP control
Centralized control frontend (dashboard)
Interface with BMS


Integrated daylight and motion detection sensors, the addition of artificial light can be controlled intelligently and energy-efficiently.
Save cost and time for management and maintenance.
Energy Saving – Save an additional 30 – 50% energy thanks to sensor based or manual control.

High-bay sensors
Presence > save energy
Daylight dependent control
Motion Detection

Operation Options
Flexible addressing and grouping
Switching on/off & dimming 0-100%
BMS interfacing

Complete solution


Provides all the necessary user-friendly tools for the planning, commissioning and programming of any project. The structure of the software is intuitive and specially adapted to the individual task.

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Manage major projects with multiple buildings from one central platform. Schedule event-specific lighting scenes or content. Monitor the health of system and perform predictive maintenance.

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The simple and innovative solution to control rooms, buildings or the whole project remotely from a cell phone or tablet. Colors, shapes, backgrounds, labels, company logos are fully designable.

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SYMPL Controls

Include everything that is needed to implement a project. The modular on an Ethernet backbone based SYMPL Range offers hardware interfaces to many protocols and stand-alone controllers.

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