Traxon e:cue Dynamic Media

Traxon e:cue provides a perfectly harmonized portfolio for a broad range of powerful media applications. Traxon’s wide range of flexible LED solutions combined with e:cue’s high performance products and solutions make every project a memorable experience.

In addition, e:cue’s software “Sympholight” offers many effects and traditional lighting scenes, video pixel mapping functionality and user support throughout the creating process (IE. Layer-based handling of videos and effects). With e:cue, there are no limits with respect to the size of the project, the color configuration of the luminaires or the interfacing with other systems. And, based on e:cue’s ethernet control backbone, all controllers are fully scalable and locatable whether used in a single small project or the control of a city wide network.

Using both systems results in many additional customer benefits

  • Control of significantly more channels
  • Savings in cables and installation
  • Higher fps rates
  • Better quality of colors paired with real-time monitoring

Guarantees the best and most reliable light experience for your brand, with experts and trainings around the world

We use only the best components to ensure excellent color mixing and smooth, flicker-free function

Reduce installation and material costs by pairing with our e:cue controls and proprietary e:pix protocol for 4x the data use

Various product lines to satisfy regional project requirements

limitless creative content possibilities that pairs with an almost unlimited scalable system

Designed and manufactured for the most difficult environments - from the desert to the coast

Featured Products

Traxon Media – Dots

Interior and exterior solutions for applications of any scale, various resolutions, and challenging surfaces.

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Traxon Media – Tubes

Interior and exterior solutions for applications of any scale, various resolutions, and challenging surfaces.

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Traxon Accent

Simple, reliable, and cost effecitive illumination providing indirect and accent lighting for a variety of applications including hospitality and retail.

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e:cue Sympholight

Build a network of lighting and create stunning animations or lighting effects. SYMPHOLIGHT supports the most common indoor and outdoor lighting, sensor and building automation protocols.

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e:cue SYMPL

Our SYMPL range enables you to integrate lighting, sensors and other interfaces with ease in our SymphoCity platform and SYMPHOLIGHT software. The SYMPL Range supports the most common lighting and building automation protocols.

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e:cue Pro Node

The new smart DMX/RDM controller for state-of-the-art lighting control projects has been specifically designed with tough outdoor environments in mind.

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Featured Projects


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