Tianjin Binhai New District



Traxon e:cue & Landsky Lights up the heartland of Tianjin Binhai New Area.

Tianjin Binhai New Area, located in the eastern coast of Tianjin, is the center of the Bohai economic circle in northern China, with the Yujiapu & Xiangluo Bay area being its heartland. Under the leadership of local authorities and the Development Zone Management Committee, Landsky Technology Group Co., Ltd. and OSRAM Traxon e:cue work on the Urban Spaces Enhancement EPC Project (Phase I) for the area.

The project covers mainly the architecture complex along the Haihe River, including nine buildings in Yujiapu (east riverbank), eight buildings in Xiangluo Bay (west riverbank), the Chaoyin Temple cluster and the Kaiqi Bridge connecting the two banks. The goal is to create a connected solution as a signature feature for the complex, and to elevate the newly built unlit area into a vibrant metropolitan center where people, city nightlife and the environment can engage each other.

The centerpiece of the solution is the e:cue control system, which is the brain of the entire lighting network. With utmost compatibility, the e:cue control system manages the video content displayed on LED luminaires from several manufacturers and smaller lighting projects in individual buildings. Also it integrates smaller pre-existing third-party control systems, eliminating the need for additional converters and thus saving costs.The e:cue control system has used main controllers such as the e:cue Lighting Control Engine 2 fx and Lighting Control Engine MX as control server, pairing with sub-controllers including the SYMPL Essential Node and Butler S2 to network all working units. A central control room has been set up for click-to-start, unmanned-automation, on-demand-setting, scalable-to-adapt management.

Within the network, nearly a million pieces of OSRAM customized LED fixture have been installed, including LED Dots, Washers, Linears and Floods, and LED luminaires for yards and lawns, as well as those with tailor-made housing or parameters for corrugated spaces and decorative structures.

The customization has enabled easy and seamless installation of all operation units, once again proving OSRAM Traxon e:cue’s strategy of delivering projects, even facing the challenges of the Covid pandemic, component shortage and cross border collaboration. “Tianjin is affected by the year-around monsoon climate, which put forward challenges to working at heights. We dealt with the situation through good management of engineering, personnel and technical knowledge, thus guaranteed safety for the entire project.” said Liu Dexing, Deputy General Manager of Engineering Dept of Landsky, followed by a positive comment on the system set-up.

“The central control room ensures a system-wide management for a connected lighting. OSRAM Traxon e:cue is an established brand both within and outside China. Landsky and OSRAM Traxon e:cue have formed a strategic partnership. Since entering the Chinese market, OSRAM Traxon e:cue has introduced advanced technologies and first-rate services to China’s illumination industry. The solution has served a dual purpose: saving electricity to meet green requirements, while ensuring precise control over every single unit to accurately display the colors and interpret lighting designers’ ideas.”

Methods of Control

Butler S2, SYMPL essential Node


Tianjin TEDA Environment Investment Co., Ltd

Lighting Designer

Landsky Technology Ltd.


Landsky Technology Ltd.

Completion Date

October 2021

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