SYMPL Modular Controllers

The innovative, scalable, and easy-to-install controller portfolio is flexible, modular, and ideally suited for a variety of control tasks. Simplicity and flexibility are the main features of the SYMPL Modular Controller Range. SYMPL features a decentralized system architecture and can be customized flexibly to any project needs. The standard components communicate via a uniform, Ethernet-based system bus. Quick Link Mode simplifies IP configuration and system set-up.


Core S(p) & Server


local & centralized intelligence

Project SizeMountingDifferentiator
SYMPL Core SpSmallDIN railTiny server with NTC and backup mechanism
Lighting Control Engine 3 mx ULSmall – MediumWall mounting or DIN railDurable for use in tough environment
Lighting Control Engine 3+ ULMedium – Extra Large19-inch rack systemsProfessional workhorse for every application
Lighting Control Engine 3+ fx ULMedium – Extra Large19-inch rack systemsProfessional workhorse for every application + Emotion fx license



input & output

ProtocolPortsChannelsPoEFeaturesUseful For
SYMPL dmx NodeDMX21024yeshandle dynamic luminaires
SYMPL pro NodeDMX or e:pix84096 or 16384yesfor use in tough environment with surge protection & isolated outputsrealize large SMART DMX & e:pix projects
SYMPL bridge NodeDMX or e:pix84096 or 16384yeslike SYMPL pro Node plus Art-Net & saCN as input protocolrealize large SMART DMX & e:pix projects
SYMPL e:pix Nodee:pix24096yesoutput to traxon media fixtures
SYMPL pixel Nodeasynchronous & synchronous24096yesextend up to 300m with Pixel Range Extendercontrol multi pixel (SPI) products
SYMPL dali NodeDALI164nomanage dynamic white light applications
SYMPL input Nodeanalog & digital8yesinterface with sensors and switches
SYMPL serial NodeRS232 & RS4851yescommunicate with 3rd party systems
SYMPL relay Node3yesswitch classic lights
SYMPL e:bus Nodee:bus18yesintegrate GlassTouch user terminals
SYMPL SwitchEthernet5yesultra compact ethernet switch with PoE

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