Christ the Redeemer Monument

Rio de Janeiro,  


Christ the Redeemer Monument has overlooked the city of Rio de Janeiro for 80 years. The largest Art Deco statue in the world, the 130-foot statue sits atop a 2,300-foot peak, and has been an historical icon of both Rio and Brazil since its completion in 1931. On March 1, 2011, the world saw Christ the Redeemer Monument in a new light. Traxon Technologies & e:cue lighting control, in a partnership with OSRAM, fulfilled lighting designer Peter Gasper’s vision to create wonder and inspiration in Monument visitors, by illuminating the statue with bright LED light. An intelligent lighting system consisting of 64Traxon Shield AC Extend, and 30 Liner Shield AC XB-27 RGB and Cold White fixtures with specially-focused optics, were installed around the base of the statue at various distances. The powerful yet extremely energy-efficient, cost-effective fixtures are paired with a signature control system comprised of a Lighting Control Engine (LCE) and two Butler XTs, which allow each Shield AC Extend fixture to be individually aimed for precise, even illumination on all of the monuments unique details. In addition, the installation can be programmed, activated or deactivated via the Internet, mobile phones or portable tablets. The new system is also significantly more energy-efficient and less labor-intensive than the previous lighting system, allowing it to inspire visitors for years to come.

Featured Products

Shield AC Extend (Discontinued)
Liner Shield AC XB-27 RGB (Discontinued)

Methods of Control

Lighting Control Engine 1 (Discontinued)
Butler XT 1 (Discontinued)


OSRAM do Brazil

Lighting Designer

Peter Gasper



Completion Date

March 2011

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