Signature Bridge



Adding novelty to the ancient city Delhi.

Heritage Town Shimmers with Smart Lighting

Built to be India’s first asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge, the Signature Bridge is a gateway spanning over the Yamuna River in Delhi, a city of historic heritage. Double the height of Qutub Minar with a 157-meter high viewing pylon, the bridge becomes the tallest modern structure in the skyline, offering a panoramic view of the city. For the very first time in decades, Delhi would also be known for a modern architectural marvel. 

The Signature Bridge carries two ambitions: one being a tourist destination in Delhi and the other being the solution to the long chaotic travelling between Northern and North East part of Delhi. Already a distinct landmark viewed by thousands during the daytime, it was also desired that the bridge should look preeminent at night. An aesthetic theme-based lighting solution was chosen to give the bridge a dramatic launch.  

Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation partners with solution providers and brands like Traxon e:cue to ensure an exceptional illumination program. The state-of-the-art dynamic lighting comprises a variety of LED fixtures: the ARCHISHAPE® Linear, the ARCHISHAPE® 2.5 Washer, the Nodes to name a few. 

Every product was handpicked to suite its application at its best, RGBW Washer with wattage of 180W & precise 10-degree beam angle was selected to highlight the cable till the top with varied colors to showcase its indispensable role in making the bridge of its kind.  Pylon was highlighted to contrast the cable with Mono color (4000K &10 Deg) of the same product with 150W which suites best for its application.  

ARCHISHAPE® 2.0 Linear are installed at the underdeck to underline the lower part of the bridge and are also installed on all the floors of pylon head augmenting it as crown on a King. Utmost care has been ensured for proper arrangement of fixture for the best lighting effect.  

The powerful, aesthetically beautiful and energy-efficient LED Washer are adjusted to focus on the cables, which accentuate the overall profile of the bridge in contrast to the night sky.  The newly lit bridge already becomes a nationwide attraction and even creates buzz across Asia, attracting people to behold its beauty and majesty in the legendary city of Delhi, India. 

Featured Products

ARCHISHAPE® 2.5 Washer
ARCHISHAPE® 2.0 Linear

Methods of Control

SYMPL dmx Node

Completion Date

October 2020

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