The Piraeus Tower



Located in the largest passenger port of Europe, Piraeus Tower is an outstanding and iconic landmark.

Constructed in 1972 and then left incomplete until 2020, the tower emerged from its long period of inactivity to become a thriving commercial hub. Traxon e: cue had a chance to participate in this transformation by providing a responsive solution for a spectacular lighting design which emphasizes the importance and uniqueness of this building.

The primary requirements for this project were to be able to install luminaires inside an extremely narrow profile without visible mounting brackets, while providing specific light output to meet the strict requirements for LEED, which was an important consideration for this project. To accomplish this, a customized version of the Allegro Media Tube Lite RGBW was created specifically for this project, delivering both the required optical performance and meeting the technical installation parameters, along with a customized cabling system designed around façade structure.

Thanos Danilof, lighting designer said: “Achieving consistent visual outcomes across all colors and tower sides was the main challenge for this project. Traxon e: cue offers us a highly customizable product that effectively fulfils our requirements during mock-ups, certifications, and lab tests, producing the desired visual output with RGBW controls that are responsive and stable throughout the façade.’’ This project is a wonderful demonstration of the highly customizable products that Traxon: e:cue provides, all whilst providing attractive, practical, and sustainable façade lighting options.

At Traxon e:cue, we take pride in our capacity to adapt steadily to ever-shifting demands and assist clients in overcoming obstacles to achieving their goals and desires.

Featured Product

Customized Allegro Media Tube Lite RGBW


Terna S.A.

Lighting Designer


System Integrator



Gavriil Papadiotis

Completion Date

November 2023

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