Visual Voyage – Port Everglades Cruise Terminal 25

Fort Lauderdale,  

United States

Port Everglades Cruise Terminal 25, winter homeport to the Royal Caribbean Celebrity Edge, is now home to Visual Voyage, an interactive light wall featuring Traxon’s Cove Light AC HO RGBW.

Visual Voyage is an interactive light wall that features a CNC precision milled aluminum stylized map that circles the equator. Installed in Port Everglades Cruise Terminal 25, it is the newest addition to the winter homeport for the Celebrity Edge, a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. The light wall was designed by artist Vanessa Till Hooper with the goal of creating a unique, interactive experience for cruise travelers waiting in the terminal.

The wall is comprised of two sections that together stretch 335 feet across the arrival hall. The panels are 10 feet high, and stand 12 feet from the ground with 48 panels that together form the 24 international time zones. Travelers waiting to board the ship can interact with the wall through their mobile devices and move the light from panel to panel. By pressing a button EAST or WEST, guests can move the sun’s light to either end of the wall, and once it crosses the International Date Line, it triggers a colorful light show that spans the full length of the installation.

The wall is backlit using Traxon Technologies Cove Light AC HO RGBW fixtures. These fixtures shine LED light up and down the wall behind the perforated panels that display the world map, and guests can both see and interact with the display from all areas of the terminal including the check-in area, lounge, bar, and while waiting in line to board the ship!

Featured Product


Port Everglades Cruise Terminal 25

Lighting Designer

Vanessa Till Hooper, Studio HHH


Andrew Hlynsky

Completion Date

November 2018

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